Burmese Kitchen Soul Food 101: Thee Sone Hin (Mixed Vegetables Curry)


Thee Sone Hin (Mixed Vegetables Curry) is a Burmese soul food staple which showcases Burma’s many Indian and Thai influences. Burmese Kitchen’s Thee Sone Hin  has pumpkin, broccoli, eggplant, carrot, potatoes, bamboo shoots and okra swimming in a curry familiar to those who love Indian food.

Burmese Kitchen’s Chef Lin makes a thicker version of the popular dish.  The Burmese Kitchen version of Thee Sone Hin has a richer, thicker, consistency closer to that of a minestrone soup.  Chef Lin placed this item on the menu because it was a childhood favorite of his. It was something that his mother made for him a few times a week and is usually eaten with steamed white rice.  For many Burmese, Thee Sone Hin is a reminder of home.

To help spread the flavors of the Burmese cuisine we hold so dear to our hearts, we're open for lunch everyday from 11:30a - 2:30p with a our lunch special menu offered on weekdays. 

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