Get the Burmese Kitchen Style Tea Leaf Salad for lunch, dinner, delivery or all the above.


The tea leaf salad is probably the most popular of all Burmese dishes and it’s easy to see why.  The shredded cabbage and tomato add freshness while the savory fried garlic, peas, sesame seeds, and peanuts create texture and balance. The star of the dish is the fermented tea leaves which add a delicious tang of flavor only usually found in Burmese cuisine.

The Burmese Kitchen Style Tea Leaf Salad gives you more of what everyone loves in the dish, MORE fermented tea leaves.  Quality fermented tea leaves are notoriously difficult to source. Our Chef Dennis Lin and his friends often travel to Burma to fill their suitcases with as much fermented tea leaves they can carry.  He insists on personally inspecting the tea leaves he uses to achieve the balance so crucial to it's flavor. 

To help spread the flavors of the Burmese cuisine we hold so dear to our hearts, we're open for lunch everyday from 11:30a - 2:30p with a our lunch special menu offered on weekdays.


We've made special pre-packed version our Burmese Kitchen Style Tea Leaf Salad available for you to carry in your café. If you'd like to inquire about carrying our tea leaf salad click on the link below for more information.