Authentic Fish and Sour Leaf Soup always reminds Burmese transplants of home.

Chin Baung Hin Yay (Fish and Sour Leaf Soup) is a tangy soup served with chunks of basa fish, sour leaf, and bamboo shoots in a savory fish broth.  The Burmese Kitchen uses true sour leaf (Roselle from the Hibiscus plant) to achieve a unique, earthy, complexity that makes it authentically Burmese.

Roselle, or sour leaf, is notoriously difficult to source.  Chef Dennis Lin searched for years before he could find his secret connection for the this vegetable that is widely used in Burma.  After finally finding a source for fresh sour leaf some ten years ago and putting it on the menu at the first Burmese Kitchen,  Chef Dennis would receive calls from fellow Burmese transplants wanting to come by and taste all the dishes on the menu.  For many Burmese here in San Francisco, the flavor of sour leaf is a true reminder of home.