Burmese cuisine isn’t authentic without Balangchuang

Balangchuang is a universal staple in every Burmese household.  It is a fried mixture of ground, dried shrimp paste, chili flakes and fried shallots.  This golden mixture of briny and spicy is used as a topping to almost every Burmese dish.  Use Balangchuang on top of any dish add a crispy texture and a unique depth of flavor that is truly Burmese.

Balangchuang is can be found on every table in Burma.  In his youth, Chef Dennis would pile heaps of the mixture on everything he would eat.   Starving college students to put it on top of plain white rice to add flavor and remind them of home cooking.  Chef Dennis remembers his college friends receiving Balangchuang in care packages sent from their parents.